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Commitment to Academic Integrity 

Working together is a key factor for success. We strongly encourage you to always try to collaborate and work as a team, and to share your ideas and questions freely with others, as it is in your best interest. It is very important to accept and follow the basic behavioral rules that fosters learning in an environment of complete mutual trust.  

In this sense, we remind you that by enrolling in this course: 


  • You are the one who carries out every activity related to the course. 
  • You will not present anything under your authorship that was not created or written by you without correctly indicating the sources you have used.  
  • All activities are original and prepared exclusively by you or with the collaboration of your group members, who are also enrolled in the same course.  
  • You allow the University, in the face of completing future group activities, to provide the students of the same course the name and email address with which you enrolled and the email address that the Academic Department uses to contact you.  
  • Do not allow anyone to enter the platform with your username. 
  • Take the tests or exams individually, without the help of a third party or unauthorized means for the occasion.  
  • Do not share the questions of tests, exams, or any activity with no one, not even your course colleagues.  
  • Do not publish course materials outside of its platform. 
  • Do not engage in any dishonest acts, in particular regarding your grades.  
  • Promote an ethical behavior and work hard for others to collaborate in this way. 


Returns Policy 

This policy provides students with a fair opportunity to gracefully withdraw from an enrollment commitment. If requested prior to a defined final date, we offer our students the right to change their minds, in many cases after they have started instruction already underway. If requested after the final date set, we provide a claims process that is only responsive to extenuating circumstances in the students’ personal lives. Furthermore, if after an investigation it is found that we failed to deliver instruction as promised, we will fairly compensate our students by refunding them their fees. In all cases, we are committed to the timely resolution of all claims. 

Notice of Refund Terms 

The specific terms of refund, whether or not fees or portions of fees are refundable or non-refundable, and the final refund date, will be disclosed to students before they commit to payment. In addition to common sense and good business practice, this is a matter of compliance with payment card industry merchant agreements: terms and conditions of enrollment and refund must be presented before a card holder completes their payment.  

Refund Administration 

The staff of Academic Coordination will routinely process refunds that are submitted prior to or before the close of business on the last date for refund. The Refund Coordinator in the department of Budget and Financial Service will process refunds at the direction of the people with delegated responsibility for adjudicating claims that have been made after this deadline.  

Once processed, the student/original payer will receive a refund confirmation that specifies the amount of the refund to be received, through a payment in the original payment method. 

A $30(dollars) administrative fee will be withheld from amounts to be refunded for those who choose to drop on or before the final date for refund. The administrative fee will not be withheld from those whose claims are sustained in an adjudicated process. The purpose of this administrative fee is to cover the cost of processing the original enrollment transaction, and the subsequent reversing transaction for those who choose to drop the course. 

In the absence of extenuating circumstances, both timely requests for refund and special claims will be resolved within ten working days. Failure to respond to a student’s request within ten days will constitute an administrative error. 

Guideline for defining final refund dates 

The Final Refund Date defined by the program representative will establish the deadline by which a student must request a refund. (Students may make claims after this deadline, but each will require adjudication.) The following guideline ensures that students in most cases are given the opportunity to assess their enrollment commitment. To ensure enrollment is configured as intended, Academic Coordinators after planning deadlines will be provided with a report that identifies configurations that do not conform to the following standard: 

For UCLA Extension courses offered by Global Alumni Corp. with an online format that have 8 modules or more, the final date for the refund request must be before the start of the second module, which is to say, before starting the second week after the start of the course.  


Claims for Exception to the Policy 

To ensure consistency in the claims process, brochures, catalogs, and personnel in all departments will refer students seeking a refund to the Academic Coordination Department. Claims that have been misdirected to program department personnel will be redirected to the Academic Coordinator. The refund coordinator is responsible for coordinating the petition process by categorizing claims, making referrals to the decision-making authority of the university, and, under certain circumstances, for recommending decisions, as followed: 

Claim Type  Action 
A. Student claims unforeseeable life circumstances making continuing enrollment impossible.  Claim is managed by Global Alumni’s Academic Coordinator. Decisions are subject to the review and approval of the authority responsible in the university. Both the Academic Coordinator and the university responsible will revise the claim and supporting documentation before the decision is made final. 
B. Student, after starting the course, claims failure to deliver instruction as promised.  The Academic Coordinator will directly report the failure, due to the student’s requirement of submitting the Commitment to Academic Integrity and Returns Policy document to access their course.  
C. Student requests appeal of decision of CE.  Appeal is referred to the Programs Director of the university. 
D. The student claims sexual harassment by instructor or others in the class; or threaten legal action for any reason.  Claims of sexual harassment are referred directly to the Programs Director of the university. Claims with threat of lawsuit are referred to Global Alumni’s Legal Department and to the university’s Program Director. 


Claims regarding in extenuating changes in student’s life circumstance, when supported by substantiating evidence, will be decided in the student’s favor when their claim reasonably meets all of the following tests: 

  • The student’s circumstance is reasonably unforeseeable at the time of enrollment; 
  • The decision to discontinue attendance is reasonably involuntary; 
  • The circumstance underlying the claim is adequately documented. 

Decisions of this type will be made in consideration of the documentation provided, a review of precedent regarding similar cases, and a contextual review of the University’s Nondiscrimination Policy. Claims will be answered with either a written decision that identifies evidentiary shortcomings, or a refund confirmation. In cases where the cause is likely a chronic illness, the Academic Coordinator may elect to place a non-punitive hold on the student’s record and request evidence of wellness or ability to re-engage instruction prior to restoration of the enrollment privilege. In cases where a response to a student’s request is not possible within 10 days, a written acknowledgment of receipt and an estimate of the time it will take to complete the review will be provided.  

Claims regarding failure to deliver instruction will be decided in the students’ favor when any of the following tests are substantially met. The student must show more than dissatisfaction with the class or disagreement with the instructor-in-charge: the student bears the burden of proof based on a preponderance of evidence that UCLA Extension in collaboration with Global Alumni failed to deliver instruction as promised. 

  • Course or program administration has grievously failed, putting the student at an academic disadvantage. 
  • Instructional performance is substandard. 
  • The material content has significantly deviated from the course description or syllabus. 

Decisions of this type will be made following an investigation of student’s claims using the guidelines for investigations expressed in the Policy on Student and Instructor Grievance and Dispute Resolution. Claims will be answered with either a written decision that identifies evidentiary shortcomings, or a refund confirmation. In cases where a response is not possible within 10 days, an emailed acknowledgment of receipt and an estimate of the time it will take to complete an investigation will be provided. 

Students whose claims are sustained will be withdrawn from the classes concerned. (Students may not claim a refund based on our failure to effectively deliver instruction and expect to enjoy the benefit of the award of credit and a grade or posting of CEU.) Students who claim circumstances of life that prohibit completion of one class will typically be withdrawn from all classes in the same academic term. 

Failure to Accept Terms and Conditions of Enrollment 

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment are presented in the General Information section of the digital catalog, and the Resources section of the institutional website. The Academic Coordinator has the authority to determine if a student does not comprehend or refuses to accept the terms and conditions of enrollment. For example, a refusal to provide supporting documentation for an exceptional refund claim and to demand the refund even so is evidence of a refusal to accept terms and conditions of enrollment. Such refusal is cause for indefinite suspension of the enrollment privilege. The privilege will be restored after accepting the terms, with no extension to the duration of the course in question. 


Cancellation of Classes 

Notice will be provided to future students that UCLA Extension in collaboration with Global Alumni reserves the right to cancel or discontinue classes. UCLA Extension has an obligation to inform students of such actions. In the event a class should be canceled before its start date, the Academic Coordinator of the course will invoke a workflow that will assure that each student is contacted to inform them of the cancellation. 


Public Notice 

Public notice of the Returns Policy will be provided in the General Information of the digital catalog, brochures, and in the Privacy and Returns Policy section for the students in their virtual campus.