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Terms and Conditions 

  1. The totality of program fees must be paid 1 week before the program start date. If the student has not provided the total amount before that date, they will not be registered and, therefore, will not be able to start the program with that cohort. The amount paid up to that date will not be reimbursed. However, it will be maintained as study credit for future advanced virtual programs at UCLA Extension.
  2. UCLA Extension protects your personal information. We do not share information with third parties without your consent.
  3. I understand that UCLA Extension follows FERPA regulation and will not reveal my information unless I give UCLA Extension express permission to do so.
  4. In accordance with the Department of Education’s regulation requirements on student data, UCLA Extension must report and confirm student inscription status to the National Student Clearinghouse. The Department of Education uses National Student Clearinghouse to supervise and control private loans taken by students.
  5. US Residents: Federal law requires your Social Security number to complete the delivery of information to the Internal Revenue Service. You will still be able to register if you do not provide your Social Security number. However, UCLA Extension will not be able to provide the proof of payment to the IRS that allows you to access tax credits under the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.
  6. I understand that if a select one of the following:

    Link my registration to a company or group.

    Request for my company or group to be charged directly for my courses. 

    UCLA Extension will discharge the following registration details to the relevant company or group: Account number, student type, courses, course timetable, delivery method and location, units, total cost of registration, and required fees.